30 Guns in 30 Days

2023 – 30 Guns in 30 Days


The Appalachian Shrine Club’s annual drawing is back with even better guns this year! There will only be 1,200 tickets sold! NEW THIS YEAR: Each ticket will give you a chance at 31 guns!

How the drawing works:

  • Your purchased ticket will be placed in a drum mixed in with all other tickets
  • Each day during the month of the drawing, a ticket will be drawn. Whoever the ticket belongs to will win the gun that corresponds to that day (see flyer above).
  • Winners will be notified at the phone number that they provided on their ticket stub
  • Prizes can be picked up from Alexander’s Store within 30 days of the draw date

Tickets cost $30 and will provide you with 31 chances to win a new gun! The drawing will begin the month after all tickets are sold. You can check out our website or Facebook page for updates on the drawing.

How can I get a raffle ticket?

We can accept cash, check, Paypal, or Venmo! If you would like a ticket, please let us know soon. Tickets are selling fast!